Training: BMC CONTROL-D & BMC CONTROL-V Advanced z/OS

Version 9.0.20

  • Target audience: Advanced users who are already familiar with the basics of the product as well as system programmers and other IT professionals.
  • Abstract: A course for advanced users who are already familiar with the basics of the products and want to become familiar with their advanced features and customization capabilities.
    Participants will be introduced to the features of CONTROL-D (BMC Software Automated Report Distribution and Output Management System) and CONTROL-V (BMC Software Automated Archive Migration & Viewing Facility). The course covers the following topics: IOA, CONTROL-D and CONTROL-V resolution, user reports option, commands, rulers, receiver structure, banners, job status display, utilities, security, exits, DeepL access/quick search screen, indexing, archive server, Advanced Function Printing (AFP), tuning tips, resources, and overview of CONTROL-D/WebAccess Server.
    A course for advanced users who are already familiar with the basics of the products and want to learn about their advanced features and customization options. This seminar builds on the CONTROL-D and CONTROL-V Basics seminar and deepens the knowledge of these products.
    The individual customization possibilities and the internal structure of CONTROL-D/V are explained as well as the tasks of system administration. Using detailed exercises as examples, participants will gain detailed insights into the operation of the CDAM subsystem, the CONTROL-D jobs and the CONTROL-V functions of indexing and migration. It will be shown how CONTROL-D/V is integrated into the IOA family (Integrated Operations Architecture) and how the connection to other products of the IOA family can be established. Extensive exercises will enable the participants to also get to know special features of the CONTROL-D and CONTROL-V functionality and to fully use all possibilities of the product.
  • The exercises are performed on a dedicated LPAR. Results can be reviewed and analyzed immediately.

Course Goals:

Acquire knowledge of IOA concepts including:

  • Scheduling parameters
  • Calendaring
  • Customization of the IOA Split Screen
  • Modifying the function keys

Application of CONTROL-D and CONTROL-V features including:

  • Menu options
  • DO USER generic lists
  • Advanced decollation
  • concepts
  • user reports setup
  • variable scroll scope
  • Commands for: User Reports List, Report Screen View, Markers
  • Rulers: generate, edit, colorize, options, paste/remove, Cut/Paste, Commands
  • Recipient Tree: new recipients, options, commands, problems
  • Banners: modify and customize, print
  • Mission Status Screens: options
  • Auxiliary programs and safety modules
  • CONTROL-D exits and common exits with IOA
  • Quick Access screen commands
  • CONTROL-V Indexing
  • CONTROL-V Archive Server
  • Advanced Function Printing (AFP): architecture, categories, disaster recovery
  • Tuning Hints: general tuning problems, optimizing decollation missions
  • CONTROL-D / WebAccess Server: Icons, Online Screens
  • CONTROL-D and CONTROL-V resources


    • Required previous knowledge:

      • Knowledge of the product CONTROL-D and CONTROL-V (min. 6 months)
      • Knowledge of IBM Basic Assembler programming is helpful
      • SMP/E knowledge is helpful
    • Prerequisites CONTROL-D and CONTROL-V Basic
    • Duration: 4 days (2×4 hours/day – ins. 32 hours)

    If you are a beginner and need basic training or – work in the IT field and are interested in learning about mainframe products (z/OS) from an end user perspective – we also offer BMC CONTROL-D & BMC CONTROL-V z/OS Basic Training.