apsware omniview for CA Automic

Immediate insights and automated visual
documentation for Automic

apsware omniview for Automic

apsware omniview for Automic

Expert visual analysis to understand and optimize your Automic workflows

Understanding complex process flows, sharing information and ensuring that processes are properly documented presents IT Operations with significant challenges.

apsware omniview for Automic (aka. Automic OmniView) provides end-to-end visibility of process flows automated via Automic. With apsware omniview organizations better understand the impact of changes to current procedures and the consequences of introducing new automated processes.

Automate the Documentation of your Automic Workflows:
Visualize – Understand – Share – Improve

apsware omniview allows you to harvest the knowledge contained in your IT workflows to improve your understanding of the complex interdependencies that support your business operations. apsware omniview automatically documents IT operations processes in real time, providing a fully documented repository of all production processes. Information is updated on an ongoing basis, so that it is completely up to date, even for changes made on the fly. Available in multiple formats, including HTML and PDF, the generated documentation is fully standardized so that it can easily be shared across teams.

apsware omniview extracts information that lets you document processes you had never documented before. It has the capability to either connect directly to the Automic Automation Engine or be offline, based on a point-in-time repository of the process flows. apsware omniview extends functionalities of the Automic Automation Engine, offering enhanced flowcharting, printing and online sharing of the process flow.

  • Simplify understanding of complex business application workloads
  • Improve compliance with fully documented processes
  • Rapidly access IT workflows, reducing problem resolution times
  • Extend visibility of IT workloads to business users
  • Reduce the cost of keeping IT workload knowledge

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Consolidated View of defined and active Automic Workflows

apsware omniview displays workflows, sub-workflows, and associated job objects in a clear and concise hierarchical view, simplifying convoluted processes and making it easy to understand complex interdepartmental or process relationships. Its interactive flowcharts allow you to collapse or expand different components to more easily explain a point.

Discover the invisible

Gaining a quick overview about all relevant aspects of the defined and active workflows have never been easier. Omniview flowcharts important workflow details, which are otherwise invisible, including File Transfer details, Metadata, SAP details, Pre/post conditions, Calendar references and Activated objects (script analysis). Even a Scheduling Object can be visualized.

Automate the document generation

Content-rich flowcharts can be exported and shared in different formats, including PDF, PNG, GIF, JPEG, TIFF and EMF (Visio compatible). And via the HTML-Report function, complete documentation can be generated with one click or via an automated process.