apsware solutions for BMC Control-M


Solutions for Control-M


Solutions for Control-M


Digital Business Automation

notebook Control-M Automation User Interface

Automation drives your business forward. Control-M is one of the leading Digital Business Automation solutions.
Orchestrate complex workflows while utilizing integrated Workload Automation, Job Scheduling, Managed File Transfers capabilities.
Elevate your business through the power of Automation.

apsware solutions for Control-M

apsware discovery
for Control-M

Visualize, document and understand Control-M workflows

apsware discovery for Control-M combines enhanced workflow visualization and cross-reference reporting for Control-M. It is designed for self-service users and automation experts alike equally, enabling everybody in your organisation to easily understand and document complex Control-M workflows.

apsware analytics for Control-M - overview

apsware analytics
for Control-M

Self-Service Analytics

With a few clicks, meaningful Control-M views, metrics, and reports are created by everyone. Even critical path root cause analysis can be performed on the fly.  Results can be shared via a dashboard, so that everyone who needs to know is informed.

apsware job request for Control-M - edit job

apsware job request
for Control-M

Expanding automation within your organization

apsware job request for Control-M bridges the gap between digital automation requirements and the implementation of automated processes. It improves speed, agility, and quality of the change process and facilitates the more widespread use of automation.

apsware visualjob for Control-M provides unmatched graphical flowcharts for Control-M.

apsware visualjob
for Control-M

Visualize, understand and optimize your schedule

Control-M automation experts can now gain reliable information and perform root-cause analysis, replacing labor-intensive information gathering and professional estimates.

apsware manager for Control-M - ActiveView: Job Monitoring and Operating

apsware manager
for Control-M

The cost-effective web interface

apsware manager provides unique capabilities for Control-M experts and self-service business users to securely monitor and operate Control-M via an intuitive web interface.

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