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apsware analytics for IWS

Reporting, metrics and documentation within everyone’s reach for IBM Workload Scheduler for z/OS

apsware analytics for IWS collects and visualizes the data which helps you to better manage your business processes automated via IBM Workload Scheduler for z/OS (IWS). With a few clicks, meaningful views, metrics and reports are created by everyone. Results can be shared via a dashboard, so that everyone who needs to know is informed. This new level of transparency allows you to take IWS automation to a higher level.

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The missing Link

Long-term job history

In your IBM Workload Automation for z/OS environment, you are collecting limited job history. apsware analytics overcomes this limitation and collects and normalizes automation run-time statistics and structures for weeks and years.

Based on this solid data foundation, you may analyze and visualize your automated business processes faster than ever before.

Real-time job status

Your IT operations are not operating in a silo. More and more users in an organization need to know the real-time status for the automated processes automated via IWS. apsware analytics detects any IWS status change in real-time and puts it in a relational database. Reporting now becomes easy. The times when hooks or job modifications that were required to get IWS job status information are over! This provides simplicity, visibility and control to everyone who needs to know, and frees IT personnel to focus on more essential operations tasks.

Job documentation

Because in reality, nobody has the time or the desire to compile excellent documentation, you could be stepping in the dark or relying on professional guessing

apsware analytics solves this challenge. Graphical job documentation is created automatically or on-demand. Always up-to-date, always correct, comprehensive and easy to understand. Precise documentation you can rely on and use on a daily basis or for D/R or Audit requirements.

SLA reporting

Processes automated via a digital automation solution such as the IBM Workload Scheduler for z/OS (IWS) are vital to your companies daily operations and overall success. When SLA’s have not been met, there can be significant financial penalties and other consequences, therefore knowing the SLA status history is crucial. With apsware analytics everyone who needs this information can self-service themselves and quickly produce answers without involving an IWS expert. Whether they need SLA compliance metrics on a monthly, weekly or daily basis, apsware analytics aggregates and presents concise SLA reports quicker and more accurately than ever before. Users may even drill-in and dive deeper whenever required.

Critical Path

If an automation process was not completed in time (SLA violation), you need to identify the root cause of the delay as soon as possible and fix it in order to avoid future negative business impact. Finding the root cause of the delay in complex environments with many job dependencies is a labor intensive task, which normally requires expert level knowledge. apsware analytics can automatically identify and visualize the critical path to a specific IWS operation. The critical path root cause analysis can be performed by everyone within minutes. Saving valuable research time and help to mitigate future risk. Better, much faster and easier than any other means of collecting and reporting on this time sensitive data.

Trend Analysis

How has an IWS operation or application performed over the past weeks, months years? When has it started? When has it ended? What is the average duration? Is the job duration growing or shirking? When did a job have an unusually short or long duration, or other anomalies? apsware analytics provides out-of-the box reports to answer these questions immediately.


How many IWS operations have executed yesterday, over last x days or within a range of days. Numerous filter options on jobnames, jobstatus and other key parameters are available to define meaningful metrics and dashboards, right out-of-the box, users simply point click and report. No programming, or intrusive hooks into IWS just answers when you need them, at your fingertips.

Real-Time Job Status

Are there any errors in the accounts receivable applications? Is the logistics area running as expected? Without the requirement to even know technical IWS application or operation names, apsware analytics allows business users to gain immediate overview about the automated processes supporting specific business areas, departments or regions they are interested in. Decision support insight for business users presented in a format they can easily digest. If required, power users can even dive deeper and drill down easily via mouse clicks.

Automic Job Documentation

What are the internal or even external predecessors of an application or an operation? Are jobs time dependent? Is this application planned for execution on every weekday? What special resources are assigned to an operation? apsware analytics automates the generation of integrated graphical and textual IWS documentation. Automated, up-to-date, reliable IWS job documentation becomes a reality with apsware analytics??
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Audit and Compliance

An out of the box IWSz and End to End data-warehouse is another by-product of using apsware analytics. Now historical analysis has no limits and audit compliance is easier than ever before and your covered when detailed documentation is required, effortlessly

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Self-Service Dashboard

Empower your business users, freeing up IT personnel

Information sharing becomes easy. With just a few mouse clicks any user with minimal knowledge of IWS or automation can see meaningful reports, KPI’s, metrics and views in seconds. Everyone is relying on the correct data, presented in a consistent format. Authorized users can create their own private dashboard tab within the apsware analytics dashboard or can create and utilize tabs which are accessible by a group of coworkers. Securely integrated with Active Directory and LDAP for compliance and ease of setup. If needed, specific views and results can be exported in PDF and CSV format to be shared or further analyzed and presented in other commonly used office tools. This new level of transparency allows better communication and elevates IWS to a higher level of corporate visibility, uniquely supporting devops and agile enterprise analytics requirements.

Single Pane of Glass

Support of multiple environments and automation solutions.

Focal Point of reporting for multiple IWSz and End to End environments

apsware analytics is the focal point of reporting for one or multiple IWS for z/OS controllers. This makes analysis more effective for the realities of complex configurations involving, multiple production-, QA-, test- and development-environments.

Focal Point of reporting for other automation solutions, like BMC´s Control-M

In many cases companies are running more than one digital automation solution, due to different legacy and distributed choices, acquisitions, mergers or other strategic initiatives. Conversion to a single automation solution maybe a long-term or short-term goal, with apsware analytics you can easily unite reporting from IBM, BMC or other digital automation products on a single-screen. This will help answer daily production queries and make an eventual consolidation less daunting.

apsware analytics 2.3.1, including software and documentation, is available from the