Solutions for IBM Workload Scheduler for z/OS

apsware analytics for IWS/TWS - Dashboard

apsware analytics

Self-Service Analytics
for IWS

With a few clicks, meaningful views, metrics and reports are created by everyone. Results can be shared via a dashboard, so that everyone who needs to know is informed.

apsware visualjob for IWS/TWS - flowchart

apsware visualjob

Visualize, understand and optimize
your IWS schedules

Automation experts can now gain reliable information and perform root-cause analysis, replacing labor-intensive information gathering and professional estimates.

apsware emon for IWS/TWS - dashboard

apsware emon

Improve IWSz Monitoring productivity and quality by 50%

apsware emon takes a fresh approach to traditional monitoring for IWSz by improving existing operators productivity and providing real-time status monitoring for business users.

apsware easy - overview

apsware easy

Utilities that make your life with IBM Workload Scheduler for z/OS easier

apsware easy provides vital add-on functionality offering major enhancements to the existing IWS feature set that is of immediate benefit to your operations personnel, application developers and your business results.