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Control-M for SAP

Your automation hub for
SAP and non-SAP workflows

Empower your business with orchestrated SAP workflows.​

You are challenged to create new and innovative ways to conduct business with your customers.

Digital business automation enables you to integrate and automate SAP and non-SAP processes, data workflows, hybrid infrastructures from mainframe to the cloud.

apsware and Control-M empowers your IT and development staff to deliver reliable automation services to your business.

Discover 13 benefits of Control-M for SAP

Integrate SAP and non-SAP Workload Automation

Control-M interfaces with SAP and non-SAP applications to provide application and data orchestration in hybrid infrastructures.


Orchestrate and monitor complex end-to-end workflows

Control-M can truly automate all of your critical IT and business processes across SAP systems and the entire IT landscape. It overcomes the limited automation capabilities of SAP.

Eliminates time consuming tasks and complexity

Automation with SAP can get complex and time consuming. With Control-M you are in control, creating and monitoring of SAP jobs with Control-M is so much easier.

Easy to use, low code, self-service
user interface

Enable Business Users to define workflows with the direct connect between Control-M and SAP, use intelligent templates, drag an drop to create dependencies, ensure your site standards are met from the beginning.

Effective usage of expensive SAP- and IT- resources

With active resource management, workload policies and the controlled release of intercepted SAP jobs, Control-M can avoid the costly overutilization of SAP resources.

Faster execution, eliminate unnecessary SAP buffer times

Control-M can detect the execution of SAP spawned jobs and can assure that successor processes are dependent of the successful execution of all spawned jobs.

SLA Management

Control-M brings automation monitoring to the next level. With the pro-active SLA management, potential delays in the execution can be detected before they negatively impact your business.

Plan automated and event-driven dynamic processes

Processes can be scheduled, executed on demand or triggered by an event or file status. Control-M provides a clear and maintainable structure.

Monitor and control SAP-Business Warehouse processes

Control-M can interface directly with your SAP BW Process Chains, which now can be part of your end-to-end automation.

SAP certified

Certified interface to SAP ERP Central Component (ECC, R/3), SAP S/4HANA, SAP BW and data archiving.

Supports any application in the SAP ecosystem

Control-M automation can go beyond the traditional SAP processing, taking full advantage of the modern SAP API capabilities. Control-M takes full advantage of the SAP insuring a stable and reliable job execution.


Control-M comes with a unique 3-tier-architecture and does not require a proprietary scripting language. 

Everything is easy to adopt and to maintain.

Integrated Managed File Transfer

Many SAP and non-SAP processes depend on the secure transfer of files and data. Control-M Managed File Transfer integrates the secure file transfer – 
internally and externally – into your automation processes.

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Control-M for SAP

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“We have job flows that start a batch process in one SAP system, transfer the data to another for processing, and then return the processed data back to the first system. 

We just couldn’t handle this workload complexity and volume without the automation provided by Control-M.”

Amp Up the Rock with SAP® and Control-M

Do you still manage your workload via many siloed schedulers for SAP- and non-SAP applications?
Get everything integrated, automated and orchestrated with the power of Control-M.

You're moving to SAP® S/4HANA. Ready? or not?

Having an effective enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is essential to the management of core business processes. Rightfully referred to as the central nervous system of an enterprise, an
ERP system contains much—or all—of a business’s data and provides a single source of truth. SAP® ERP Central Component (ECC) has been one of the most popular ERPs on the market since its release in 2006.