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Upcoming webinars and events in 2023

The upcoming apsware events and webinars for 2023 are out now:


Case Study:
Migration to Control-M at REWE digital

Learn how REWE digital has migrated their large, mission critical systems to Control-M with apsware conversion service. 

Blog: How Control-M orchestrates end-to-end workflow executions in complex, hybrid environments

A service delivered to a customer is – in almost all cases – made up of several steps. 

Workflow orchestration makes sure that those steps are carried out in the correct sequence, interacting with the right systems and data, completed at the right time.

Blog: What is Digital Business Automation and what benefits do companies derive from it?​

Digital Business Automation is a crucial factor in enabling companies to work more efficiently. 

It improves productivity,  increases competitiveness, and helps companies move forward and grow sustainably.

How customers accelerated their Digital Transformation by Migrating to Control-M

Learn more and download the BMC Control-M ebook “How customers accelerated their Digital Transformation by Migrating to Control-M”.