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End-to-End Automation of your Digital Business

Automation is a vital component of every Digital Transformation initiative, allowing organizations to meet growing customer demand in fast-changing competitive markets. Where limited, siloed automation point-solutions cannot meet the needs, Control-M provides robust automation capabilities within and across Applications, Data, and IT-Infrastructures.

Control-M gives you the freedom to integrate and automate cross-platform IT- and business processes, from mainframe to multi-cloud environments, and further your corporate goals.

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Orchestrate complex IT- and
business workflows

Automation of complex IT- and business workflows has never been less complicated. With Control-M, you overcome the limitations of point solutions and open up a world of new possibilities.
Automate routine processes and replace manual tasks across the board. Save valuable time, improve reliability, and speed up your deliveries.

Automate and Integrate Application, Data,
and Infrastructure

Control-M empowers you to automate IT- and Business Processes throughout applications, data, and infrastructure.  Any application, any data on any infrastructure can be automated and integrated.
Embrace the power of Control-M to increase automation across your enterprise and delivery chain, reduce cost, and gain a sharper competitive advantage.

Let us show you how simple automation can be!

Control-M - Jobs as Code

Empower Developers:
DevOps with Jobs as Code

The development of applications and the orchestration of application workflows do not need to be separated anymore. The Control-M Automation API allows you to write Jobs as Code and to integrate this into your agile CI/CD pipeline.

A powerful way to organize and centralize all of your automation needs for the entire IT enterprise.

Control-M - Self-Service Automation

Empower Business Users:
Self-Service Automation

It is a fact that Self-Service improves customer satisfaction and reduces cost. Control-M extends Self-Service into the automation area. Self-Service empowers Business Users to actively run and control automated processes via an intuitive web interface or via mobile apps.

No need to wait for an IT-Expert while freeing IT automation experts for other tasks.
Control-M - Overview - SLA Management

Pro-Active Monitoring:
SLA Management

Your business relies on automated processes. If there is a risk of an SLA violation or a late delivery, you would like to know in advance.

Based on the unique Control-M automation architecture, delays in service delivery will be detected and reported before they occur; this allows you to minimize the potential adverse business impact and increase customer satisfaction.
Control-M - Silo

Automation everywhere:
From mainframe to multi-cloud

Control-M does not provide a “one size fits all” approach. Mainframe jobs are different from Windows or Linux jobs. Running processes in a Multi-Cloud or Hybrid-Cloud environment also presents new challenges. Dedicated support for z/OS mainframes, distributed operating systems, and Cloud providers like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google combined with intelligent resource planning. Runtime policies ensure optimal performance and minimal resource consumption.
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Why Control-M and apsware?

Successful Control-M Implementations since 1996

apsware supports organizations of all sizes for over two decades in the implementation and the practical application of Control-M.
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Automation Administration

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Automation Engineering

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Automation Education

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Automation Conversion

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as a Service

Control-M - Overview - Managed File Transfer

Managed File Transfer:
Simplicity and Security

Control-M Managed File Transfer integrates secure file transfer capabilities into leading Workload Automation functionality. Internal and external file transfers can be scheduled and monitored with a few clicks.

Labour intensive scripting is not required anymore. Standard transfer protocols like FTP, SFTP, FTPS, HTTPS, S3, and AS2 are fully supported.
Control-M - Overview

Business Applications:
Connect and Improve

Control-M provides interactive interfaces to leading ERP solutions, including SAP and Oracle. Better control the executions within your ERP with fewer efforts.

 Easily connect to SAP, Oracle, or other ERP systems with other applications. Reduce the time to process critical business transactions while saying in full control. Improved service delivery with less effort, Control-M provides a solid foundation.

Reliable Automation

What is the value of an automation system if it does not work correctly. Control-M is known for its reliability.

For decades, a growing number of over 2000 organizations worldwide utilize Control-M to automate their business.

Maintainable Automation

Automated processes can get complicated. The unique architecture of Control-M allows you to define automation in such a way that it will enable easy maintenance in the future. Many functions are available via templated definitions, and proprietary scripting is not required.
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BMC Control-M for SAP

Your automation hub for
SAP and non-SAP workflows

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Migrate from your legacy scheduler to Control-M?

Successful Conversions to Control-M since 1996

apsware has developed a unique conversion process and rules to ensure that you can convert smoothly from a legacy scheduler to a modern Digital Business Automation solution.

Automation Conversion Success-Story

Learn how REWE digital has migrated their large, mission critical systems to Control-M with apsware conversion service.

Learn more and download the BMC Control-M ebook “How customers accelerated their Digital Transformation by Migrating to Control-M”. 

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