apsware discovery for Control-M

apsware discovery for Control-M

Elevated Flowcharting and Reporting of Control-M job definitions

Control-M is a leading Workload Automation solution available on the market and an excellent choice for any progressive organization seeking to promote the digital transformation required to remain as competitive as possible. 

Once implemented and used daily, the goal of any automation solution is to find and satisfy as many use cases as possible.

As automation proliferates throughout the enterprise as it should, a natural by-product is larger and more complex workflow structures making quick analysis and troubleshooting more and more challenging.

While Control-M does provide a built-in flowchart and reporting capability; many users have told us a more robust tool is needed to find what you are looking for more quickly

Understanding this, apsware experts developed a complementary solution that provides a much clearer visualization and a faster understanding of complicated structures and dependencies. Helping you and your colleagues get to the root cause of analysis much more effectively.

apsware Discovery adds value and assists you in keeping to your commitment of continually adding more automation use cases without being slowed down by cumbersome and complex analysis tasks.

apsware Discovery simplifies and clarifies analysis chores with intelligently engineered visualizations and reporting, easing automation growth pains.

Instantly understand complicated workflows and 
get on with more productive work

Cross-reference is also enhanced and a big time saver.
Consider the following real-world scenario:

You are searching for a particular set of jobs, those who utilize a certain Control-M variable, transferring a file to a specific destination, or initiating a specific SAP or other ERP transaction. The built-in reporting facility of Control-M can provide you with most of these answers. However, if you still need more comprehensive cross-referencing capabilities for Control-M job definitions, apsware Discovery delivers the solution.

Without the requirement to learn SQL or another language, you can build your visual report queries using all Control-M fields and variables with a few clicks.

Of course, the output of apsware Discovery queries can be exported. However, you can also use them as an interactive launching pad to dovetail into the included linked reports to see even more information, such as Control-M job details flowcharts of the desired jobs and workflows, including all potential predecessors and successors.

Automated workflows can be large and complex; therefore, it is essential for scheduling experts and users who benefit from automation to understand how Control-M job flows are interrelated and quickly find what they are researching.

If, like many other shops, you find that the Control-M built-in flowcharts and reporting capabilities do not provide the level of analysis and understanding needed by you and your colleagues. The apsware discovery for Control-M may be the right tool for you.

Optimized Flowcharting - understand complex Workflows instantly

A picture says more than a thousand words. 

But: Only if the image does not confuse you and is logically structured. apsware discovery for Control-M provides a straightforward, easy-to-understand, instant overview, even of the most complex workflows.

If you are missing this functionality in Control-M today, look at apsware analytics.

Cross Reference - Find what you are looking for now.


With a few clicks, meaningful views, metrics and reports are created by everyone.



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Self-Service Documentation for Everyone

Everyone needs documentation, but nobody has time to write documentation. apsware Discovery solves this problem. All Control-M job definitions are available, easy to access and understand for everyone. Everyone has up-to-date and accurate information. This small investment saves a big problem.


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apsware analytics

Digital Automation Analytics for Self-Service users

Automation runs your digital business. Meaningful metrics need to be within everyone´s reach. Through the integration of visualjob with apsware analytics for Control-M, the power of Digital Automation Analytics is now also available for Self-Service users.

apsware analytics for Control-M