apsware discovery for Control-M

apsware discovery for Control-M

Visualize, document and understand Control-M workflows

apsware discovery for Control-M combines enhanced workflow visualization and cross-reference reporting for Control-M. It is designed for self-service users and automation experts alike equally, enabling everybody in your organisation to easily understand and document complex Control-M workflows.

The next apsware webinar:

apsware discovery for Control-M

Register for the 20-minute webinar and learn how you can always access up-to-date, graphical, and easy-to-understand job documentation that will satisfy users’ daily needs and perfectly address routine audit requirements.

When will the webinar take place:

Tuesday, March 07, 2023
11:00 a.m. EST (New York)
10:00 a.m. CST (Chicago)
08:00 a.m. PST (San Francisco)

A more revealing way to visualize and understand your Control-M workflows.

Request an apsware discovery for Control-M presentation and learn how you can benefit from the enhanced flowcharting and cross-referencing capabilities for Control-M job definitions.

Or send us your Control-M definitions in XML format and we will create a customized demo just for you, that will truly enlighten your discovery efforts.

apsware discovery benefits

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Up-to-date job documentation

apsware discovery easily integrates with Control-M. Once installed, users can immediately browse Control-M job definitions, visualize Control-M workflows and generate up-to-date job documentation on the fly. Speed up ongoing discovery projects such as moving applications automated by Control-M to the cloud and many more. 

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Understand complex workflows

Understanding the structure of large and complex workflows requires a clear visual representation. The web-based flowchart engine of apsware discovery optimally positions jobs so that their dependency structures are clearly visible. Saving valuable time by simplifying cumbersome and frustrating native methods.

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Fulfill audit requirements

 Everyone likes documentation, including internal and external auditors, but nobody has the time to create it. apsware discovery solves this problem. Control-M workflows and jobs are documented easily. Reports and graphical flowcharts can be generated, whenever needed

Control-M cross-reference reporting

No need to learn SQL or another query language. With apsware Discovery, you can intuitively build visual report queries using all Control-M fields and variables with just a few clicks. 

Control-M flowcharting

The enhanced flowcharting engine visualizes Control-M job definitions, including their dependency streams, in a very structured and logical way. No more confusing crisscrossing of lines.

Who is using apsware discovery?

apsware Automation Services

Automation experts

Searching for a particular set of jobs that utilize a certain Control-M variable, transferring a file to a specific destination, or initiating a specific SAP or other ERP transaction has never been easier. And when it really gets complex,  apsware discovery visualizations help you to get the answer quickly.

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Self-Service users and managers

If you need to understand how digital processes are automated within Control-M, but you are not an automation expert. Get the information you need from apsware discovery. Easy to learn and with a few clicks, apsware discovery visualizes even complex workflows in a way that is universally understood.

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Automation is part of your development process. The Control-M Automation API (jobs as code) provide fantastic capabilities. Having an up-to-date documentation about all Control-M workflows provides a significant productivity gains. With discovery your effort to obtain job documentation is minimal.

Flowchart export

You can browse the enhanced Control-M flowcharts online, but if needed, apsware discovery flowcharts can be easily exported.

Flowchart capabilities

Up-to-date job details

See all workflow dependencies

Easy navigation

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