apsware visualjob for IBM Workload Scheduler

Visualize, understand and optimize
your IWS schedulers

apsware visualjob for IWS and Control-M

Visualize, understand and optimize
your IWS schedulers

apsware visualjob for IWS and Control-M

apsware visualjob for IWS

Expert visual analysis to understand and optimize your IBM Workload Scheduler for z/OS workflows

apsware visualjob aggregates the scheduling definitions and job run-time statistics of your IBM Workload Scheduler for z/OS and End to End (IWS, formally TWS Tivoli Workload Scheduler) environment and visualizes the result in an understandable and meaningful way.

All aspects of high-quality flowcharting, cross referencing, forecasting, scheduling design, quality assurance, statistical reporting, workload analysis, workload simulation, critical path analysis and critical path simulation for IWS are available within one integrated solution.

Automation experts can now gain reliable information and perform root-cause analysis and workload simulations quickly, replacing labor-intensive information gathering and professional estimates; faster and more accurately then ever before.

apsware visualjob is the most advanced Workload Analytics solution for IWS available today and is essential for the effective management of your Workload Automation environment.

apsware visualjob for IWS - Features

Critical Path Analysis

What is the root cause of a Service Level violation? And how long does it take to complete this research?

apsware visualjob for IWS provides unique capabilities to identify the longest path (aka. Critical Path) to a timely critical job. The research takes a few seconds versus hours and provides a clear understanding about which job in a complex chain of predecessors has caused the delay of the entire downstream process flow.

You can finally find the root cause of a delay quickly and avoid future violations of Service Level Agreements (SLA). The critical path analysis can even be utilized by non-IWS experts via

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Loop Analysis and Detection

A loop within the schedule can have disastrous consequences on the production environment.

apsware visualjob for IWS makes it easy to detect the root cause of a loop.


apsware Automation Services - Automation engineering

Automated Documentation

Who likes proper documentation? Everyone.
Who likes to write documentation? Nobody!

With apsware visualjob, you can solve this problem immediately. With a click of the mouse or through an automated batch job, detailed documentation in HTML-format will be generated automatically, containing information about all IWS definitions, including graphical flowcharts.

Now audit compliance and D/R documentation of production is easier, more accurate and up to date than ever before!

Statistical Reporting

Free form reports can easily be generated utilizing statistics collected from past IWS batch executions. Robust filtering criteria can be used to narrow the focus of reports based upon criteria such as dates, times, day of week, applications, operations, workstations, job status, and more.

apsware visualjob for IWS - Statistical Reporting
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Workload Analysis

apsware visualjob for IWS enables the user to visualize past executions in a Gantt chart, based on the actual runtime information collected in the statistical database.

This provides an excellent graphical overview about how processes have performed in the past and as compared to their average performance.

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Workload Simulation

When there is no way to accurately simulate the effects of an added load to a job flow or  longer/shorter job durations within a flow, service levels are difficult to define.

apsware visualjob for IWS provides comprehensive workload simulation functions with graphical support through the Gantt chart to perform resource utilization and proactive analysis.

Integration with apsware analytics

Self-Service Analytics for IBM Workload Scheduler for z/OS

Automation runs your digital business. Meaningful metrics need to be within everyone´s reach. Through the integration of visualjob with apsware analytics for IWS, the power of Digital Automation Analytics is now also available for Self-Service users.

apsware analytics for IWS/TWS - Dashboard