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Your partner for Digital Business Automation

apsware Automation Services – For 24 years apsware has specialized in Digital Business Automation, including Batch Scheduling, Workload Automation and Managed File Transfer. Through tailored automation services, apsware customers drive their automation initiatives forward and can rely on the expertise of the apsware automation experts whenever needed

apsware Automation Services

Automation Administration

Keeping your current automation infrastructure up to date, ensuring high availability and avoiding unauthorized access to sensitive processes requires knowledge and experience. apsware has deep knowledge in leading Digital Business Automation solutions, including BMC Software´s Control-M, IBM´s Workload Scheduler and Broadcom´s Automic solutions.

apsware Automation Services - Automation engineering

Automation Engineering

Automation of complex and mission critical business processes requires proper planning, continuous optimization and adaption to your business needs. apsware provides the knowledge and expertise for an effective start, execution and modernization of your automation initiatives.

apsware Automation Services

Automation Operation

apsware automation consultants assist you in all strategic and tactical aspects of automation monitoring and operation. Whether you need a management consultant for a strategic initiative or an expert to assist you in the daily monitoring and operations activities, apsware is available to support you.

apsware Automation Services - Automation education

apsware education

No doubt, automation requires knowledge. apsware can offer individual workshops and education for a variety of leading Digital Business Automation suites.  apsware is a certified education partner of BMC Software for Control-M.

apsware Automation Services

Automation Conversion

apsware has developed a unique conversion process and rules to ensure that you can convert smoothly from a legacy scheduler to a modern Digital Business Automation solution.

apsware Automation Services

Automation as a service

apsware provides Managed Services for specific automation disciplines like Automation Administration, Automation Engineering and Automation Operation.
Through the partnership with BMC Software, apsware also offers Control-M as a Service in a Cloud infrastructure.

Automation Conversion Success-Story

Learn how REWE digital has migrated their large, mission critical systems to Control-M with apsware conversion service.

Learn more and download the BMC Control-M ebook “How customers accelerated their Digital Transformation by Migrating to Control-M”.