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Elevating your
Digital Business Automation

Digital Business Automation is a key component of every Digital Transformation strategy.
apsware provides the missing link:

Technology, Services, Knowledge, and Experience.

What would you like to automate next?

Optimize Workload Automation

Use the power of analytics and visualization
to manage your automated workload more efficiently.

Introduce automation documentation and Self-Service capabilities
to improve the agility and productivity of your Digital Business.

Complement your Workload Automation solution with essential functionality
which makes your life easier.

Solutions for

apsware analytics for Control-M - Dashboard

Solutions for
IBM z Workload Scheduler

apsware analytics for IWS - dashboard

Solutions for

apsware omniview 6.0 for Automic - Flowcharting

Expand Automation within
your organization

Your business users know what needs to be automated.
Your IT experts have the automation tools.
Let´s bring them together!

apsware job request for Control-M - structure

apsware job request for Control-M

apsware job request for Control-M bridges the gap between automation requirements and automation implementation. Business users and IT experts can work together and extend Digital Business Automation within your organization.

Expand Automation into
new business areas

Use the power of Digital Business Automation
to move your Business forward

Replace legacy Workload Schedulers

apsware has developed an unique automation conversion engine
which allows you to accelerate a secure conversion
to a contemporary Digital Business Automation environment and 
lowering ongoing costs through optimum remediation.

Experts for Digital Business Automation

apsware provides experienced 
consultants who make the difference.

Discover apsware services

apsware Automation Services


Keeping your current automation infrastructure up to date, ensuring high availability and avoiding unauthorized access to sensitive processes requires knowledge and experience.
apsware Automation Services - Automation engineering


Automation of complex and mission critical business processes requires proper planning, continuous optimization and adaption to your business needs.
apsware Automation Services


apsware automation consultants assist you in all strategic and tactical aspects of automation monitoring and operation.

apsware Automation Services - Automation education


No doubt, automation requires knowledge. apsware can offer individual workshops and education for a variety of leading Digital Business Automation suites.
apsware Automation Services


apsware has developed a unique conversion process and rules to ensure that you can convert smoothly from a legacy scheduler to a modern Digital Business Automation solution.

apsware Automation Services

as a Service

apsware provides Managed Services for specific automation disciplines like Automation Administration, Automation Engineering and Automation Operation.