apsware emon for IWS (IBM Workload Scheduler)

Improve IWSz Monitoring 
productivity and quality by over 50%

apsware emon for IWS/TWS

Improve IWSz Monitoring 
productivity and quality by over 50%

apsware emon for IWS/TWS

apsware emon for IWS

Extended Monitoring and Operating for IBM Workload Scheduler for z/OS

ReThink traditional monitoring!

Production Monitoring ranks high among the most important mission critical functions in any data center! apsware emon takes a fresh approach to traditional monitoring for IWSz by improving existing operators productivity and providing real-time status monitoring for business users.
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Improve enterprise IWSz Monitoring and Operating speed and accuracy

apsware emon for IWS improves traditional Operators productivity from a familiar interface that was engineered to increase the speed in which they can identify and react to potential business disruptions.

apsware Automation Services - Automation education

Real-Time Status Monitor for those who need to maintain oversight, even if you are outsourced

Business users also need to know the status for their automated processes. apsware emon delivers real-time status information to those who need to know via apsware analytics in an intutitive, browser-based dashboard interface.

apsware emon for IWS detects the important issues

Productivity: one view, all events, no distraction

apsware emon allows the IWS Operator to focus his/her work on the important issues within the active IWS Current Plan environment. Monitoring capabilities that go beyond the functionality of the IWS standard features assist in detecting and reacting to important events more effectively. Unlike the standard IWS for z/OS environment all important out-of-line messages – for one or even multiple IWSz Controller environments – are visible in one consolidated overview. This reduces the risk of the IWS Operator missing a critical status alert.

apsware emon monitoring events

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Jobs in Error
Jobs in error can be detected immediately for all controllers, without having to call the error lists of possibly several IWS for z/OS controllers.
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Long running Jobs
With the intelligent apsware emon filter technology, only those jobs which run significantly longer then expected will be reported. This improves the monitoring accuracy and reduces “false alarms”.
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SLA violations
SLAs can be assigned to specific jobs or groups of jobs; which if not started or completed by a specified timeframe are reported. Critical situations are detected immediately.

Jobs waiting for a Special Resource

Delays in the job execution beyond a predefined duration caused by an unavailable Special Ressource will be visible immediately, the Operator can focus on the remediation vs. the analysis.

Workstation Offline/Failed

If a workstation turns into status offline or failed a color coded message will be displayed in the apsware emon event list.

Manual release

Jobs requiring a manual confirmation will also be reproted and the operator can issue a “release” after reviewing the job details – if appropriate.

Controller Inactivity

apsware emon monitors for the inactivity of IWS for z/OS controllers. In addition, apsware emon also monitors the status of job submission, allowing the apsware emon user to detect an inactive job submission.

apsware emon integrated problem resolution

Resolve problems immediately

The integration of monitoring and operating capabilities of apsware emon not only allows IWS Operators to detect important issues immediately, it also lets qualified IWS Operators analyze and resolve identified issues in record time. apsware emon tightly integrates with IWSz. Detected issues can be researched and resolved via a direct link to the precise IWSz user interface. Operators are immediately familiar with emon and only minimal additional training is needed.
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Not every problem situation can be resolved by an Operator. apsware emon provides capabilities to document open issues and to escalate an issue to an incident management system.
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Email or WTO alert messages can be issued for every new event that apsware emon detects.
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All out-of-line situations and actions are logged by apsware emon, creating a completely centralized audit trail.

apsware emon architecture

Real-time, reliable, scalable, minimal CPU consumption

apsware emon was intelligently designed to have a very low footprint on your systems. apsware emon utilizes the operation-status change exit (EQQUX007) for nearly all of its interfacing with IWS for z/OS.

The status of your IWS for z/OS jobs are reflected instantaneously, while having extremely low overhead.

apsware emon allows users to monitor and operate multiple IWS for z/OS controllers running on multiple LPARS, CPUs, SYSPLEXes or data centers. apsware emon fully supports the IBM Workload Scheduler End-To-End architecture.

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apsware analytics

Serving the needs of many Self-Service Users

In today’s dynamic world where IT has blended into the fabric of all business units, application owners and business line managers are demanding to know the status of their deliverables.

Through the integration of apsware emon and apsware analytics, end users can access the status of their automated processes via an easy to use browser interface in self-service mode.