apsware job request – for Control-M

Automation request management 
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apsware job request for Control-M

apsware job request for Control-M

Expanding automation within your organization

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Automation of the digital business is probably one of the most profitable investments an enterprise can make. But realizing the potential of automation can be a challenge. Often the business knows what needs to be automated, and IT may have the capability and tools to implement the automation. However, in reality, the true potential of automation is only partially achieved.

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Why Automation is not expanding quickly enough?

The reason automation is not expanding as rapidly as it should is not necessarily attributable to a lack of business and IT expertise. It is because in most cases it is very difficult for the business to articulate their automation needs in the way IT understands. Similarly, it is also difficult for IT to understand what the automation requirements of the business are.

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Tools not designed for proper automation request

To overcome this problem, organizations started to use a variety of solutions involving technologies such as word documents, spreadsheets, post-it notes, emails, messaging systems, incident management systems, ticketing and help desk requests, etc. These are all good attempts, but end up being stop-gap measures that do not deliver the desired results of greater digital transformation through automation.

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Digital Transformation, beyond DevOps​

When organizations start to automate business and IT-processes, for example via a leading Digital Business Automation solution such as Control-M, a limited number of operations and development staff are involved in defining, implementing and updating automated workflow processes.

As automation evolves, DevOps initiatives merge the efforts of developers and operators. Technologies, such as Control-M Jobs-as-Code or Control-M Workload Change Manager, enable a tighter integration of development and operations.

As demand for digital business automation comes from the business side of the organization, DevOps principles need to be expanded to include these groups. This represents a large opportunity to expand automation and improve overall organizational competitiveness and efficiency.

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Serving Business Users and DevOps via one integrated automation request solution​

Business and DevOps must be served by a single solution that integrates and simplifies the unique needs and terminologies spoken and used by each of these groups.

To allow these users to request the implementation of new automated processes and changes to existing workflows, a less technical approach is required. One that merges the business user’s automation needs with the IT expert’s implementation standards and requirements.

But until now the appropriate tools were missing and requirements got defined using unstructured means. This is frustrating and cumbersome for all involved and resulted in inefficiencies, a lack of proper structure, poor quality, improper compliance, less control and slower overall growth of automation within the enterprise.

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Bridging the gap between automation
requirements and automation implementation​

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apsware job request bridges the gap between digital automation requirements and the implementation of automated processes, ideally complementing Control-M, SAP and other enterprise IT and business solutions. It has been designed in cooperation with large organizations that have recognized the need to achieve improved speed, agility, and quality of the change process necessary and common to facilitate more widespread use of automation.

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A reliable source of information​

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apsware job request provides up-to-date access to all Control-M job definitions a specific requestor is authorized to see.

Typical queries can be pre-configured to make life easy for the requestor.

This provides a solid foundation for qualified change requests and reduces time-consuming back-and-forth communication.

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Current status and change request side-by-side​

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Requesting a change to a job definition has never been easier. Select the job you would like to change, assign it to a change package (container) and see the current status of the definitions on the left-hand side of the screen.

 Modifications can be requested in the right column of the screen.  All changes are clearly marked. Deletions and additions will be highlighted.

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Multi-Step – Workflow​

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The apsware job request change management workflow can be designed in the way your organization is structured.  Even multi-step workflow processes are fully supported. User rights, responsibilities and the related reporting can be easily configured, without any coding.

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Always up-to-date,
Audit and Compliance

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What is the status of a change request at all times?   
What change requests need to be implemented? 
What has changed recently for a particular job or workflow?

There is no need to bother your colleagues with these questions, the answers are immediately available via the intuitive apsware job request interface.

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Using the right terminology

apsware job request speaks the language of the requestor! Technical terms used in job definitions can easily be adjusted, masked, consolidated and presented in such a way that makes the most sense relative to the requestor and their role in the business. 

An administrator may even decide to hide job details which are not important or are irrelevant to the requestor.

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apsware job request is a database-driven web application. It is part of the apsware core technology, providing a seamless integration with apsware analytics and apsware discovery for browsing detailed job history and job definition reports.

Active Directory / LDAP integrations:

You may run apsware job request using the embedded user management, but the integration with an existing Active Directory or LDAP environment is fully supported and highly recommended.

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