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Release Notes – apsware emon 5.7.0

apsware emon 5.7.0

apsware would like to inform you about the general availability of apsware emon 5.7.0

apsware emon supports monitoring and operation of all supported versions of IBM Workload Scheduler (IWS), including the IBM z Workload Scheduler (IWSz) version 9.5.

We have enhanced apsware emon 5.7.0 in the following areas:

  • Enhanced the ability to add, update and delete administrative definitions in batch mode.
  • New z/OS modify command to restart the TCP/IP communication to the IzWS collector service after a shutdown.
  • New feature to monitor if the apsware emon tracker is active / inactive via the apsware emon controller. A warning message will be issued, if the emon tracker task is locked or aborted.
  • New: The apsware emon tracker task can now provide job dependency information (application and operation data) to the apsware IzWs collector service.

We recommend upgrading to this new version as soon as possible.

apsware emon 5.7.0, including software and documentation, is available from the

If you do not have access to the download area or if you have any other questions, please