apsware core for Control-M

Release Information – apsware core 5.0

apsware core for Control-M

apsware core 5.0

apsware would like to inform you about the general availability of apsware core 5.0

apsware core is the apsware technology framework for apsware discovery, apsware observer, apsware job request, apsware analytics, apsware compare and apsware transport.

apsware core 5.0 provides the following functional enhancements:

"apsware analytics" enhancements:
  • New report type: “Control-M Star/End Job Runtime (SLA daily)”
    This new report type combines the features of the Control-M Start/End Job Runtime report and Control-M Job SLA (SLA daily) report.
    It allows you to review entire processes, see when a process has started, when it has ended and on top of this, see if the agreed Service Levels are met or violated.
    The report can be exported in PDF and CSV format from the apsware analytics dashboard.
"apsware job request" enhancements:
  • New API capabilities
    Multiple change requests (containers), including individual change items can be requested via an API call.
"apsware discovery" and "apsware observer" enhancements:
  • New analysis function to analyze the displayed flowcharts, including basic path search capabilities
"apsware observer" enhancements:
  • Ability to administer and send notification for
    critical jobs, which have ended in status “not OK” and
    jobs, which have not completed in time (missed milestone)
  • Notifications are visible within the product and via email
  • The apsware IzWS Collector, providing real time job status information from IBM z Workload Scheduler, has been further enhanced to improve stability and reliability, even in unusual situations
  • apsware IzWS Collector support for IBM z Workload Scheduler 10.1

apsware core 5.0.x – including software, release notes and documentation – is available now from the

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