apsware core for Control-M

Release Notes – apsware core 2.9.0

apsware core 2.9.0

apsware would like to inform you about the general availability of apsware core 2.9.0

apsware core is the universal technology framework for apsware analytics, apsware discovery, apsware job request, apsware compare, apsware transport, and apsware observer. apsware core 2.9.0 provides the following functional enhancements.

General "apsware core" enhancements:
  • General flowchart enhancements, e.g., long job names can extend over the borders of a job node representation
  • Improved PNG export for large flowcharts, especially for the Firefox browser
  • Flowchart: The Button column is now scrollable
  • Option to delete users
  • Improved message when an LDAP user logs in and the user email address are not registered
  • Documentation enhancements, e.g., in the area of LDAP configuration
  • License expiration notification, with 14 days remaining
  • Fixed: Error when deleting a data source
  • Fixed: Exception in User settings now displays the message in a more user-friendly way
"apsware observer" is now generally available:
  • Supports active monitoring of Control-M and IBM z Workload Scheduler jobs within one monitoring console
  • Critical jobs: Individual jobs can be marked as “critical” and filtered accordingly
  • Milestones: Set a start time and end time of a job and verify that the execution is in line with the set SLAs
  • Cross scheduler dependencies: Define cross scheduler dependencies, including visualization in the flowcharting
  • Statistics view: Ability to show recent job execution history for Control-M and IBM z Workload Scheduler jobs
  • IBM z Workload Scheduler job dependencies are now sorted by operation number
  • Further minor enhancements and fixes
  • The apsware observer IBM z Workload Scheduler utilizes the apsware emon architecture version 5.7 and 5.8. The usage of apsware emon 5.8 is highly recommended.
"apsware discovery for Control-M" enhancements
  • Line count in exported PDFs
  • Presets / Filters on a team level
  • Column width for predecessors and successors adopted
  • Added functionality to export and import general and team query presets / filters
  • Ability to change the order of the presets / filters within the present list
  • Improved column width in PDF exports
  • Fixed several problems while utilizing Control-M Enterprise Manager SQL Server databases
  • Further minor enhancements and fixes
"apsware job request for Control-M" enhancements:
  • Improved search­ing for a job via the Job Re­quest API
  • Improvements for the dis­play of filter options in the workbench
  • Fixed: Horizontal scrollbars are covered when the Job Re­quest form is open
  • Start Job Request Search utilizing the Enter-button
  • When a new team was cre­ated, it is now visible by default
  • Support of Control-M Enterprise Manager SQL Server database
  • If the change container does not contain any requests, it is not possible to deploy it.
  • Fixed: All tables now display the note that changes apply immediately, without sav­ing the form
  • Improvements for select­ing requests in the Job Re­quest search
  • Improved change analysis after a mass change
  • Fixed: The “not equal” icon with­ in the request form some­ times indicated a change when there was no change made
  • If there are no requests in a container or all requests have the status “Done” or “Canceled,” it is not possible to deploy it
  • Validation before setting a request to the status “Prepared.”
  • Enhancements for SAP job types: SAP steps and related parameter
  • Further minor enhancements and fixes
"apsware analytics for Control-M" enhancements:
  • EMDataCopy: improved error handling and license processing
  • EMDataCopy: improvements during the first execution within a batch day
"apsware analytics for IBM z Workload Scheduler" enhancements:
  • Notifications: New feature to set up and view notifications created when an operation changes its status.
  • IWS App Definition Re­port: “Descriptive Name” is not required anymore to create the report
"apsware transport" is now generally available:
  • Major enhancements to the functionality and workflow of this module

Additional enhancements and corrections are listed in the apsware core 2.9.0 release notes and documentation, which are part of the installation package.

apsware core 2.9.0 – including software, release notes and documentation – is available now from the

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