apsware core for Control-M

Release Notes – apsware core 2.7.0

apsware core for Control-M

apsware core 2.7.0

apsware would like to inform you about the general availability of apsware core 2.7.0

apsware core is the universal technology framework for apsware analytics, apsware discovery, apsware job request and apsware compare. apsware core 2.7.0 provides the following functional enhancements.
General enhancements to "apsware analytics"
  • Tab management: The currently active tab will remain active after a reload or a resizing of the page
Enhancements to "apsware analytics for IWS"
  • Enhanced usability of the realtime application status hierarchy (enlarged click area to drill down into the hierarchy levels)
Enhancements to "apsware analytics for Control-M", using the new EM Data Copy process to aquire data from Control-M:
  • Time zone support: Control-M job history data will be consolidated into one time zone (UTC), even if the connected Control-M servers are running in different time zones
  • Time zone support: An administrator can determine the default time zone to view and analyse job statistics
  • Time zone support: A user can individually overwrite the default time zone to individually determine the time zone he/she would like to use for analysing job statistics
  • Critical path: An administrator can now determine the duration used for flagging long running jobs or gaps between the critical predecessor and successor jobs
  • Critical path: Direct links to access the interactive flowchart and Gantt chart are now available from the Critical Path overview report
  • New report “Datacenter Distribution”: Provides a summary of the executed jobs within a Control-M Enterprise Manager for a specific ODATE, with the ability to drill down and get:
    • a summary of executed jobs per Control-M Server, plus:
    • a summary of executing jobs per Control-M jobtype, plus:
    • a detailed list of executed jobs matching the above selection criteria
  • Support of Control-M Enterprise Manager configurations utilizing Microsoft SQL Server as a database
  • Ability to exclude the data collection for specified Control-M Servers
  • Ability to extract a subset of data from the statistical database for support purposes
Enhancements to "apsware discovery for Control-M":
  • Support of Control-M Enterprise Manager configurations utilizing Microsoft SQL Server as a database
Enhancements to "apsware job request for Control-M":
  • Functional enhancements in the Workbench Request List
  • New filter options “teams” and “stages” for queued job requests in the Workbench
  • One job request form can now incorporate different task types
  • If a job is deleted from Control-M, certain job request entries associated with this deleted job will still be visible
  • Enhanced functions to store and sort the table views “Queue”, “Workbench” and “MyRequests”

Additional enhancements and corrections are listed in the apsware core 2.7.0 release notes and documentation, which are part of the installation package.

apsware core 2.7.0 – including software, release notes and documentation – is available now from the 

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