apsware omniview for automic

Release Notes omniview 6.0

apsware omniview for Automic

apsware omniview 6.0 for Automic

apsware would like to inform you about the general availability of apsware omniview 6.0 for Automic (aka. Automic OmniView 6.0)

apsware omniview 6.0 comes with a modernized user interface and provides significant functional enhancements.

The new look and feel and the enhancements simplifies the visualization, documentation, and analysis of complex Automic workflow definitions and activities.
The visualization even contains parameter and information which are otherwise invisible.

Dependency structures, including

  • workflow in workflow,
  • external dependencies and even
  • dependencies which are dynamically added via scripts (activate objects)

are visible in one consolidated view.

The new look and feel of apsware omniview 6.0:
  • action items have been redesigned
  • optimized window handling
apsware omniview 6 for Automic - with listview and treeview
  • the listview and the treeview window can be minimized and moved to use the screen for visualization in an optimal way
apsware omniview 6 for Automic - with hidden listview and treeview
Advanced Search and Search for Use

Finding an object and where it is used is sometimes a challenge. apsware omniview now has advanced search capabilities. Various types of objects can be searched and if needed, apsware omniview tells you where these objects are used. With one click, the visualization is created from the search result.

apsware omniview 6 for Automic - advanced search
External Dependencies (XTRNL)

By visualizing a workflow, it is often not obvious, that this workflow has a successor workflow, established by an XTRNL dependency in the successor workflow. Just with one click, omniview identifies successor workflows and visualizes the result.

And if you would like to visualize an external predecessor workflow from a successor workflow, apsware also provides this capability. In those cases where an external predecessor in an active environemnt can not be automatically identified in an active environment, apsware omniview will give the user a selection before visualizing.

apsware onniview 6.0 for Automic - external depenencies
apsware omniview 6.0 fully supports the Automic Automation Engine 12.3

We recommend installing this new release as soon as possible.

apsware omniview 6.0, including software and documentation, is available from the

If you do not have access to the download area or if you have any other questions, please