BMC Control-M Administration DS & zOS


Training: Control-M Administration DS & zOS

For the Control-M Administration Training you can choose between the DS & zOS. Further information on the various training contents can be found below.

Control-M Administration DS

Target group: Batch Engineers/Control-M Administrator

The course for administrators focuses on the installation, customization and integration of various Control-M components into the system landscape. The implementation of high availability requirements, user management and security aspects are also covered. 

Training content:
  • Architecture and components
  • Installation process
  • Security and auditing
  • Customizing Control-M Enterprise Manager
  • Customizing Control-M Server
  • Customizing Control-M Agents
  • Understanding and working with the Control-M Configuration Manager
  • Upgrading, troubleshooting and housekeeping 
  • High-availability
  • Remote-hosts
  • Utilities

Duration: 16 hours

Online-Training request

    Control-M for z/OS Administration

    Target group: zOS System Programmers/Control-M Administrators

    The course focuses on the installation and customizing of the Control-M components for z/OS. The integration into the system landscape (connection to the Control-M Enterprise Manager) and the implementation of the High Availability requirements are discussed as well as the user and component security. 

    Training contents:
    • Architecture and components
    • IOAICE and installation
    • Security and auditing
    • Customizing
    • New day process 
    • Housekeeping
    • Troubleshooting
    • Utilities
    • Notification

    Duration: 12 hours

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