apsware core for Control-M

Release notes – apsware core 4.1

apsware core for Control-M

apsware core 4.1

apsware would like to inform you about the general availability of apsware core 4.1

apsware core is the universal technology framework for apsware discovery, apsware observer, apsware job request, apsware analytics, apsware compare and apsware transport. apsware core 4.1 provides the following functional enhancements.

General "apsware core" enhancements:
  • Collector for Control-M – Installation Guide: Description of the update process
  • Improvement of the core installation setup
  • Popup window for announcements
  • Maintenance mode
  • Collector for IzWS mainframe component Improvements in the manual
General "apsware analytics" enhancements:
  • Analytics Guides: Improvement and German version
General "apsware JobRequest" enhancements:
  • Storage of the CurrentValues in the core database – Possibility of saving and updating job versions for the request form
  • Possibility to automatically “close” requests in “Done” status after X days
  • Extended logging during the deploy process
  • New import mapping for Control-M Version 9.0.21
General "apsware JobRequestAPI" enhancements:
  • Improved error/error handling
  • Result of the call SearchJobDetails – New setting to make the call look like in the JobRequest
  • Optimization in all calls – Improvement of the API call authentication
  • ModificationTypes in PostContainers – The ModificationType should no longer be specified. It should result from the context.
General "apsware observer" enhancements:
  • Support for Control-M Version 9.0.21

Additional enhancements and corrections are listed in the apsware core 4.1 release notes and documentation, which are part of the installation package.

apsware core 4.1 – including software, release notes and documentation – is available now from the

If you do not have access to the download area or if you have any other questions, please