apsware core for Control-M

Release Notes – apsware core 4.0

apsware core 4.0

apsware would like to inform you about the general availability of apsware core 4.0

apsware core is the universal technology framework for apsware discovery, apsware observer, apsware job request, apsware analytics, apsware compare and apsware transport. apsware core 4.0 provides the following functional enhancements.

General "apsware core" enhancements:
  • User Guides are now available in English and German languages, and you may access them from within the product GUI
  • Introduction of global teams (via LDAP):
    New teams structure that can be used across the products apsware discovery, apsware observer, apsware analytics and apsware job request
  • Open module indicator:
    the users has a clear indication of the currently active module within the user interface menu bar
"apsware discovery" enhancements:
  • New “ON Output” query options patterns
  • New operators to search for null-values, “Is Null” and “Is not Null”
  • Secure limitations for visibility of predecessors and successors in the flowchart, for unauthorized users:
    If a user expands the flowchart and includes predecessor or successor folders, the job and folder content will be “grayed out” for those predecessors and successors the user is not authorized to see.
"apsware observer" enhancements:
  • An administrator can define who can monitor a set of applications, folders, jobs etc.
  • Enhanced security to limit the visibility of predecessors and successors in a flowchart, for unauthorized users 
    (similar to the new functionality added to apsware discovery)
  • Enhanced Control-M job dependency visualization
  • Datasource Administration: 
    Connection monitoring for the apsware observer IzWS and Control-M data collectors, 
    including active notifications in case of potential issues
  • New: Presets for Teams, to share presets within a team
  • Enhanced display of filter input field:
    The width of a filter input field now corresponds to the size of the column
  • Enhanced validation of CrossScheduler Dependencies to prevent duplicates
  • Ability to collect data from a specific subset of Control-M Servers connected to a specific Control-M Enterprise Manager instance
"apsware job request" enhancements:
  • Display of change indicator:
    Instead of just displaying one change indicator for all SAP variables, now each variable has its own indicator
  • Display of metadata: 
    Adjusted display so that each job only takes up one row
  • Improvements within the deployment dialog:
    The dialog that opens during the deployment process now shows valuable information that helps to enter missing data
  • Allow multiple deployment orders: 
    It is now possible to deploy a container multiple times
  • Prevent modifications while editing a table, when a table in the JobRequest form is being modified, no other actions can be done
  • Automate MetaData refresh: 
    MetaData can now be refreshed via the API call “RefreshMetaDatas
  • Added functionality to comment on a container: 
    Comments can be added with the new button “Create Comment”
  • Improvements to variable creation/editing
"apsware analytics" enhancements:
  • Several enhancements in the Critical Path analysis for Control-M
  • Improved error handling

Additional enhancements and corrections are listed in the apsware core 4.0 release notes and documentation, which are part of the installation package.

apsware core 4.0 – including software, release notes and documentation – is available now from the

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