apsware core for Control-M

Release Notes apsware core 3.0

apsware core for Control-M

apsware core 3.0

apsware would like to inform you about the general availability of apsware core 3.0

apsware core is the universal technology framework for apsware analytics, apsware discovery, apsware job request, apsware compare, apsware transport, and apsware observer. apsware core 3.0 provides the following functional enhancements.

General "apsware core" enhancements:
  • Improvements to core migrate and create script – Some minor inaccuracies have been cleaned up
  • Change of source of information that is displayed within the EMDataCopy Administration – All displayed information will now be taken from the config file
  • EMDataCopy Guide rework – Guides are now more detailed and part of the apsware core web application
  • Performance improvements for Flowcharts
  • Improvements and new features for Flowcharts
  • Fix for the title of the Deleted Users Overview 
  • Fix for “Back to list” link in the Deleted User Details – The link now correctly navigates back to the Deleted Users Overview
  • Improved Error Handlingfor Flowcharts – Error handling when loading large amounts of data has been improved
  • Fix for unexpected service stop – Under some circumstances the service stopped unintentionally
"apsware job request for Control-M" enhancements
  • Improvement for the display of fields that are depending on the JOB_MODE of a SAP R3 job – Only fields that are applicable to the selected
    JOB_Mode will be displayed
  • Display of Team name of a template – JobRequest / Template view now contains a new column with the team name
  • Support of MetaDataCleanup component for MSSQL
  • Adjustment to the archive name of the MetaDataCleanup component – The name has been adjusted to the currently displayed name
  • Fix for Custom Forms that cannot be saved
  • Fix for wrong SysActivityPeriod values – Under some circumstances, the current values of the parameter were mixed up
  • Correction of Internal name of SAPR3 variables in the JobRequest Administration – Some variables were written with “_” instead of “-“
  • Fix for an error occuring when changing the order of Parameter Groups
  • Fix for missing current value in the new values column – Parameters that are listed in a subgroup were missing the display of the current value
"apsware analytics for Control-M" enhancements
  • Fix for Critical Path Slider not working in some cases – After a collapsing or expanding action, the slider stopped working in some cases
  • Fix for Critical Path falsely marking predecessor as ghost – When there was a parallel link (critical and noncritical), the predecessor was falsely displayed as  ghost
  • Operation Status Report: Fix for wrong deadline – The deadline of a node will now be applied to the correct date
"apsware observer" is now generally available:
  • Display of documentation items for details of a Control-M job – Either the URL or the File Path along with the Host will now be displayed among the job details.
"apsware discovery for Control-M" enhancements
  • Possibility to launch the “Flowchart and JobDetail” page via an external link – A link to the Flowchart and JobDeatil page can be opened without the need to enter user credentials
  • New option to open the flowcharts with expanded pages – If activated, the navigation and the Job Details will be expanded upon opening the flowchart
  • Job Details – support for further job types – Support for FileTransfer, SAP R3 and Database jobs
  • Blacklist for Conditions – Conditions that should not be resolved can now be added to a blacklist
  • Fix for some SmartFolder icons being covered by the text – The icons are now displayed vertically
  • Enhancements to Flowcharts – Advanced layout, analysis and filtering options

Additional enhancements and corrections are listed in the apsware core 3.0 release notes and documentation, which are part of the installation package.

apsware core 3.0 – including software, release notes and documentation – is available now from the
If you do not have access to the download area or if you have any other questions, please