apsware visualjob for iws/tws

Release Notes visualjob for IWS 8.3.2

apsware visualjob for IWS and Control-M

apsware visualjob for IWS 8.3.2

apsware would like to inform you about the general availability of apsware visualjob for IWS 8.3.2

 We have enhanced apsware visualjob for IWS in the following areas:

  • New assistant to detect the root cause of loops. The IWS EQQLOOP output can be loaded into a visualjob project. To find the root cause of the loop, visualjob can compare the current IWS job definitions with IWS job definitions of a previous day and show the result of all changes of jobs and job dependencies
  • A new Forecast Option is now part of the Cross-Reference queries
  • Statistical analysis identifying the last time jobs executed
  • Statistical analysis identifying defined jobs which have not been executed recently (source visualjob statistical database)
  • Ability to generate a GanttView for specific hours versus an entire day
  • Enhanced support of ETT information
  • Out of the box analysis of specific scheduling patterns, e.g. identifying applications which utilize conditional dependencies, applications with multiple Run Cycles, applications only having external predecessor dependencies, applications only having external successor dependencies, applications having external predecessor and external successor dependencies
  • Web/HTML reports about IWS Applications now contain Special Resource information
  • Several security enhancements: Support of longer passwords for visualjob, support for individual user profiles (username and password) for connected SQL Server statistical databases, support for SQL Server SSL encryption
  • The CP Analyzer component is now protected by a license key

apsware visualjob for IWS 8.3.2, including software and documentation, is available from the

If you do not have access to the download area or if you have any other questions, please