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APS Advisor for Automic is a self-service automation monitoring, SLA reporting and analytics solution designed for Business Users, IT Managers and IT Experts who automate their business processes using the Automic Workload Automation solution.
Unlike other solutions, APS Advisor transforms important technical Workload Automation data into meaningful, easy to understand and business relevant information.

Business Users, IT Managers and IT Experts can gain an immediate understanding of the status and the details of current and past processes automated with Automic. No detailed knowledge about Automic is required.

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APS_Advisor_for_Automic-Overview_1000Web and Mobile Support

APS Advisor for Automic has a web based architecture, with support for all common browsers. No special browser plug-ins are required. Access via mobile browsers likes Apple´s Safari on iOS or Google´s Crome browser on Android works without any extra effort, assuming a secure connection to the APS Advisor server can be established.






Free trial Request a presentation Latest Product Updates