visualjob for IWS – Workload Analysis

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With its workload analysis capabilities visualjob for IWS answers the following questions for you:

  • How did the production perform on a certain date?
  • How did a certain business service or path perform on a certain date?
  • What caused the delay of the service delivery yesterday?
  • Was a Special Resource conflict the reason for the delay?
  • Do we have unnecessary time dependencies in the batch flow which delay the execution?
  • What operations ran longer than planned by IWS last Wednesday?
  • What operations ran on a specific IWS workstation between 3:00 and 4:00 PM?
  • When is a good time for server maintenance, impacting as few important operations as possible?
  • How do I get a clear picture for IWS experts and non-experts how operations have executed in an easy to understand, graphical way?

Within the GanttView all operations or a selection of operations are shown against a timeline and in relation to each other, allowing you to see exactly how they have affected each other for a specific production run. Timelines indicate a operations run and that operations expected duration estimated by IWS, allowing you to have an immediate comparison.

A histogram showing the number of operations running in parallel provide a complete overview, which is otherwise difficult, if not impossible, to gain. Bottle-necks and other potential problem areas can be identified and the required actions to avoid these problems can be made in a proactive way.

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