visualjob for IWS – Enhanced Path and Critical Analysis

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Path analysis allows you to determine, amongst other things, what the effect of a change may be to any particular operation within an operation dependency structure. The IWS path analysis feature allows users to search for the path of IWS operations between known start and end points, the predecessor dependency path branching to an operation or the successor dependency path branching from an operation. Optional path search criteria allow finding a path within those jobs which are planned for execution on a particular day in the future or allow finding all paths or even the critical path within those jobs that have been executed on a particular day in the past. These enhanced IWS path and critical path search analysis options provide more accurate, compact and precise answers to better understand your IWS job net. The result set of a found path is clearly displayed in the visualjob for IWS flowchart. All operations , which do not belong to that path, can optionally be hidden.
This dependency analysis often forms the necessary basis for extended run time analysis, simulations, path optimization or re-engineering activities with the visualjob for IWS Workload Analysis and Workload Simulation functions. The Workload Simulation function also includes the Critical Path Simulation for IWS. VISUALjob_for_TWS_Path_Analysis_Result



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