VISUALjob EPD – The Challenge

IT production departments receive high demands from the business to automate processes. Based on the selected batch automation suite (e.g. TWS for z/OS and TWS End to End) the required batch processes, together with the corresponding JCL and/or scripts, need to be defined and propagated to one or many target environments.

Because of the lack of one complete solution to fulfill this task, organizations have to build, acquire and integrate tools and procedures across platforms to address batch production requirements such as:

  • Creation of scheduling definitions
  • Creation of JCL and scripts
  • JCL validation, standards and quality assurance
  • Script quality assurance
  • Scheduling definition quality assurance
  • Cross reference systems
  • Visualization
  • Audit tools
  • Procedures to propagate defined batch elements to a target environment
  • Procedures and tools to integrate with the change and configuration environment

This results in:

  • Overlapping and/or missing functionality
  • Difficult to maintain by “non-experts”
  • Inflexibility to react to business demands and
  • High costs

In order to overcome this challenge, a new holistic approach for the development of all production relevant elements, or as we say the Enterprise Production Development (EPD), is required.

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