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As soon as an out-of-line situation occurs, it is visible in TWSemon. The TWS Operator can now enter different commands to either analyze, resolve, document or escalate a problem situation.

Example: Resolving a Job in Error

 In case of a job in status error, the Operator can issue the line command “E”  in the TWSemon event list and …

… be positioned directly within the TWS for z/OS error list panel of the corresponding TWS for z/OS system.

From there she/he can analyze the problem, resolve the problem (e.g. modifying JCL) and …

…restart the job.

Returning back to TWSemon, the resolved problem has disappeared from the Working Screen.

Analyzing and Resolving Jobs with Long Durations, Jobs that missed a Milestone, TWS Workstation Offline/Failed

In case of a missed milestone, a job that is running too long (long duration) or a workstation in status offline or failed, the Operator will be guided to the corresponding TWS dialog functions in order to allow the fast and efficient analysis of the potential problem situation.

Integrated TWS Monitoring and Operating

This allows the entire TWS environment to be handled as one entity from the operations stand point. TWSemon also allows the user to navigate directly to the TWS for z/OS Primary Option menu of any controller being monitored creating a standardized way to access to all TWS for z/OS controllers.

Documenting and Escalating TWS Problem Situations

Not every problem situation can be resolved by an Operator. In these situations, TWSemon provides capabilities to document open issues and to escalate an issue to an incident management system.

Quality and Productivity Improvements

Bottom line: Working with TWSemon and TWS for z/OS in an integrated way allows detection and resolution of out-of-line situations much quicker and signifcantly minimizes the risks of the error prone and unproductive task of navigating through multiple panels. Reducing potential issues to the maximum extent possible.

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