TWSemon – Extended Monitoring

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The intuitive ISPF user interface of TWSemon facilitates the early detection of multiple problem situations. From this one interface all TWS for z/OS controllers are presented with color coding to quickly identify potential problems.

Different color codes represent the different out-of-line situations that can otherwise be easily missed in daily practice, for example:

Jobs in Error

Jobs in error can be detected immediately for all controllers, without having to call the error lists of possibly several TWS for z/OS controllers.

Long Duration Conditions

TWS for z/OS reports an operation as “Long Duration” when the predefined duration for this operation is exceeded. In most practical situations the duration of an operation is not defined realistically, which invokes numerous unnecessary alarms. Within TWSemon, long duration jobs can be identified through relative or absolute values. This refines the monitoring process by establishing tolerances and reduces “false alarms”.

Milestones (Late Conditions)

Specific jobs can be defined as milestones; which if not started or completed by a specified timeframe are reported in TWSemon. Thus, critical situations are detected immediately without having to review vast amounts of information from different sources.
In order to support dynamic batch environments in an optimal way with TWSemon, Milestones can even be defined for jobs that are not (yet) part of the TWS Critical Path. With this, the TWS Operator can easily detect if certain dynamic TWS Applications are not added or executed by a certain predefined time.

Group Milestones and SLA Reporting

For SLA Reportng purposes, TWSemon allows you to group operations of multple TWS applicatons to a logical entity, assign SLA times to the
 individual operation and/or the Group Milestone as a whole. An overview about the status of of a Group Milestone and the individual milestones within a group is available via ISPF and the 
APS Analytics Dashboard.

A notification event is issued if all operations are completed and/or at least one operation is not completed at a desired time. In both cases, a meaningful email may be send to certain predefined recipients.

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Workstation Offline/Failed

If a workstation turns into status offline or failed a color coded message will be displayed in the TWSemon event list.

Consolidated View of Jobs in Error, Long Durations, Milestones and Workstation Offline Messages

Unlike the standard TWS for z/OS environment, out-of-line messages like jobs in error, jobs with long durations, jobs that have missed a milestone and offline workstations are visible in one consolidated overview. This reduces the risk for the TWS Operator of missing an important status information.

Controller Inactivity

TWSemon monitors for the inactivity of TWS for z/OS controllers. In addition, TWSemon also monitors the status of job submission, allowing the TWSemon user to detect an inactive job submission.

Up-to-date Job Statistics

Real time statistics are displayed for each connected TWS controller for the various statuses of the jobs running under that controller, which include:

  • Jobs in waiting status
  • Jobs in error status
  • Jobs in completed status
  • Jobs in started status
  • Jobs in ready status

The ISPF interface contains a consolidated real-time out-of-line list for all monitored controllers. The event list can be sorted on up to five fields at a time. The interface is completely customizable. Multiple filters can be created that filter what will / will not appear in the interface. Filters can be created on any combination of Application Id, Owner Id, Authority Group Id and Group definition. Wild cards are fully supported.

Immediate Analysis and Resolution

The integration of monitoring and operating capabilities with TWSemon does not only allow TWS Operators to detect important issues immediately, it also enables the TWS Operator to analyze and resolve identified issues in record time.

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