TWSeasy – Unload/Load

Export and Import all TWS definitions

TWSeasy Load/Unload Mode allows you to unload or load any or all TWS for z/OS base definitions. Base definitions are unloaded into standard batchloader format files (where supported by IBM) or into a standardized sequential format. Users have the ability to generically filter on many different fields to qualify what will be unloaded. Users can even qualify applications and then specify that all resources associated with those applications be downloaded as well.

TWSeasy Load/Unload supports the unloading and loading of the following base definitions:

  • Application Definitions
  • Operator Instructions
  • JVL Variable Tables
  • Calendars
  • Periods
  • Workstations
  • Special Resources
  • ETTs

Mass changes can be performed on partial or whole strings of the base definitions using literal values or variables. Specific application parameters can actually be mass changed directly within the AD database, without an unload/load process. Based on these features, users can clone subsets of base definitions with their resources and easily port them to other TWS systems; for example, moving applications and resources from TEST to PROD or visa versa.Mass deletions can also be performed removing unused resources.

Because the base definitions are now in a sequential format they can be introduced into any change and configuration management solution or archival process.


  • Easy and fast application cloning
  • Support for the unloading/loading of ALL base definitions
  • Time savings in dealing with base definitions
  • Integration into change management process
  • Archiving of TWS definitions

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