TWSeasy – Setup

Working with TWS JCL variables in a more secure way

Testing TWS variables in JCLs through substitution avoids costly errors resulting in downtime. The trial setup function of Setup Mode allows you to simulate variable substitutions for jobs in applications from within ISPF, or in batch, without submission. Substitution and resolution can be derived from the TWS AD, LTP or CP. When based on the AD users can also specify any input arrival date and time. Based on explicit or generic filtering one or more applications may be selected for simulation.

The real setup function of Setup Mode allows you to pre-substitute, or “prime”, your variables at any point in time, for an unlimited number of jobs, rather than only at submission time. This saves significant amounts of time during the job setup phase.

The IBM Redbook Maximizing your OPC/TWS Throughput states as follows: “Preliminary stage JCL: Move as much JCL as possible to the JS file before it reaches a ready state, using a program interface staging program. If severe problems are encountered it may be necessary to do this manually. The preferred method is to use an OPC PIF program.”

The VAR Edit macro of Setup Mode provides support for users in coding of TWS supplied variables providing a “pointand and shoot” method of creating variables. This method reduces the risk of errors while speeding up the definition process.


  • Reduced downtime resulting from OJVC errors
  • Increased reliability
  • Enhanced performance during TWS job submission
  • Significant time savings working with job variables

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