Utilities that make your life with TWS easy

Easy to implement and use, TWSeasy provides vital add-on functionality offering major enhancements to the existing TWS for z/OS feature set that is of immediate benefit to your operations personnel, application developers, end-users and last, but certainly not least, your business results.

TWSeasy Setup

  • Trial simulation and resolution of JCL with TWS variables during any JCL edit from the AD, LTP or CP, verifying production JCL and eliminating OJCV errors during batch execution.
  • Pre-substitution of JCL variable values at any point in time for an unlimited number of jobs, instead of submit time, saving significantly on job setup time.
  • JCL variable coding aide (edit macro) that simplifies variable coding while reducing errors.

TWSeasy Load/Unload

  • Explicitly or generically unload any or all TWS for z/OS base definitions in a standardized sequential format allowing for mass changes, application cloning, introduction into a change/configuration management process and archiving.
  • Perform mass deletions removing resources no longer utilized.

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TWSeasy Application Definition and Planning

  • Define and schedule jobs within TWS for z/OS from one screen simplifying the process and extending accessibility of TWS across the organization.
  • Automate dynamic ad-hoc batch jobs.


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