Solutions for TWS / IWS

visualjob for TWS

Automation Analytics: Understand and improve your TWS / IWS schedules

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   – Visualize

   – Understand

   – Share

   – Improve

   Resulting in:

   – Improved quality

   – Improved productivity


Extended monitoring and operating for TWS / IWS for z/OS and TWS / IWS End to End

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   – Monitoring

   – Operating

   – Realtime SLA Management

   – for one or multiple TWS

   Resulting in:

   – Less downtime

   – Higher productivity


Analyze JCL and scripts

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visualjobcontrol provides intelligent JCL analyisis and cross reference capabilities via a modern, easy to use and powerful Windows user interface.

visualjob epd

The integrated development environment for TWS / IWS, JCLs and scripts

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   visualjob epd (Enterprise Production Development) is a full development environment for all batch and Workload Automation related objects, like TWS/IWS scheduling definitions, JCLs, scrips and definitions how these objects will be promoted into their target environments.


Utilities that make your life with TWS/IWS easy

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twseasy is a set of three powerful utilities for the TWS / IWS for z/OS environment that optimize performance and reliability, while minimizing the overhead of maintaining and running the batch schedule. Extending and enhancing the functionality of your TWS / IWS for z/OS environment with JCL variable setup & simulation, loading /unloading capabilities and dynamic ad-hoc scheduling addresses the needs of the scheduling staff in specific key areas of operations.

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