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apsware analytics provides strong automation analytics and batch reporting in a way you have never seen before. No subject matter expertise about your Control-M or IWS (IBM Workload Scheduler, formerly TWS) automation solution is required. You just use one of the many predefined report types, a wizard assists you in defining your key criteria and apsware analytics will deliver the required reports to you instantly. Through meaningful visualisation, you will understand immediately. apsware analytics delivers optimized business decision support metrics you need, so you can more effectively manage your workload automation processes.   APS_Analytics_Dashboard_Monitor

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Meaningful metrics within everyone´s reach

The apsware analytics complements the innovative workload analytics and root cause analysis capabilities of visualjob for Control-M and visualjob for IWS. Real time monitoring and reporting is also supported for the IBM Workload Scheduler by twsemon and extended via the browser for any level of IT and management.

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