visualjob for IWS 8.3.1

apsware would like to inform you about the general availability of visualjob for IWS 8.3.1.

We have enhanced visualjob for IWS in the following areas:

  • With release 9.3 SPE, IBM has introduced new external dependency types:
    application to application, operations to applications, applications to operations.

    We have enhanced the WebView (flowchart) and the GanttView of visualjob to enable visualization of the new dependency types. The path and critical path analysis capabilities have also been enhanced to include the new dependency types.

  • The Cross Reference of visualjob has been enhanced. “Not Like” criteria options are now supported.
  • Services can be imported from another project (…adb) database.
  • The Windows Service “ApsDashboardVjModeServiceTws” supports SQL Server Authentication.
  • Enhanced support for IBM Workload Scheduler 9.3 data segments ADVDD, specifying input arrival times, deadlines and durations on operation level.

visualjob for IWS 8.3.1 is compatible with apsware analytics 1.8.5 and 1.8.6.

We recommend upgrading to this new version as soon as possible, especially if you are running IBM Workload Scheduler for z/OS 9.3 SPE.

visualjob for IWS 8.3.1, including documentation and upgrade instructions, is available from the apsware downloads area.

If you do not have access to the download area or if you have any other questions, please contact us.