VISUALjob for TWS 8.2.0

APS ENTERprise announces the availability of VISUALjob for TWS 8.2.0

VISUALjob for TWS 8.2.0 is available immediately and comes with the following
Critical Path” enhancements.

Identifying the “Critical Path” for mission critical batch processes is a key prerequisite for effective workload management.

With VISUALjob for TWS 8.2.0, identifying, visualizing and managing your
Critical Path” is significantly simplified and enhanced.

VISUALjob for TWS 8.2.0 now allows you to:

  • Identify the critical path for past batch executions (new with 8.2.0)
  • Simulate the critical path for future runs, including performing what-if? -scenarios
  • Display and share the results in high quality Flowcharts (WebView) and Ganttcharts (GanttView)
  • Perform repetitive Workload Analysis and Workload Simulations with only two clicks via “Services” (introduced with 8.0.0)
  • Cloning of “Services” (new with 8.2.0)
  • Execute “Services” in batch (new with 8.2.0)
  • Make the critical path Workload Analysis available to a broader audience via the
    APS Analytics Dashboard (new with 8.2)

Instructions about how to upgrade from a previous release to VISUALjob for TWS 8.2 are described in the Installation Guide. The upgrade process takes only a few minutes.

VISUALjob for TWS 8.2.0, including software and documentation,
is available from the APS ENTERprise Downloads area.

If you do not have access to the download area or in case of any other questions,
please contact us.

We recommend upgrading to VISUALjob for TWS 8.2.0 as soon as possible.