VISUALjob for Control-M 9.0

APS ENTERprise announces the availability of VISUALjob for Control-M 9.0

VISUALjob for Control-M 9.0 is available immediately and comes with significant functional enhancements.

If you would like to learn more about the new features of VISUALjob for Control-M 9.0 and how to smoothly upgrade from previous versions, please sign up for the following webcast.
This Webcast is for VISUALjob customer only.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014 at
10:00 AM Eastern Time (USA and Canada),
7:00 AM Pacific Time (USA and Canada),
8:00 AM Mountain Time (USA and Canada),
9:00 AM Central Time (USA and Canada),
3:00 PM GMT (United Kingdom),
16:00 Central European Time (France, Germany, …)
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Here is a list of the most important enhancements of VISUALjob for Control-M:

00003092 Support of Control-M 8
00003307 Introduction of “Services”We have added an automation component called “Services” to VISUALjob so you can now pre-define queries once and reuse them for generating flowcharts, critical path searches, GANTT Charts, workload simulations etc., to get quick workload analytics from Control-M – through VISUALjob.Quick access to predefined Services via a new button on the main VISUALjob window.
n/a Quick access to TreeView filters via new select / deselect buttons on the main VISUALjob window.
00003307 Quick access to the search function via a new button on the main VISUALjob window.
00003302 Quick access to CrossReferences via a new button on the main VISUALjob window.
00003309 The menu has been restructured and the WebView, GanttView, ForecastView, ListView, StatisticView and LogView tabs are now in horizontal orientation.
00003308 Enhanced user right managementUser right “Create New Projects” has been replaced by “Create New Project and Services”.Users having the user right “Create New Project and Services” are allowed to define, administer and execute Services.Users having the user right “Create New Project and Services” are also allowed to maintain the individual condition filters (see under Options -> WebView -> Suppress Elements / Individual Conditions).

Users having the user right “Create New Project and Services” are also allowed specify and maintain the reference to the statistical database (see under Options -> Global Statistic DB).

00003306 Credentials of the referenced statistical database are stored within the definition database (projects)
00003304 Support of Control-M for z/OS scheduling definitions in XML format
00003050 Enhanced cross reference settings are now automatically deployed in an release upgrade process, no manual actions are required.
00003305 Change of the default database extension from .mdb to .adb (APS embedded database).Note: Definition databases of previous VISUALjob for Control-M Versions are not compatible with version 9.0.0. Definition databases need to be recreated and repopulated with VISUALjob for Control-M 9.0.0.Please make sure to update all definition database references in batch parameter files from .mdb to .adb.
00003177 The misleading message “The chosen data is mixed…” while generating a GanttView has been eliminated.
00003162 Generation of Statistical Report in batch mode for SQL Server based statistical database
00003105 Return code handling for VISUALstatman SQL Server batch processes

VISUALjob for Control-M 9.0.0, including software and documentation, is available from the APS ENTERprise Downloads area. If you do not have access to the download area or in case of any other questions, please contact us.

We recommend upgrading to VISUALjob for Control-M 9.0.0 as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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