VISUALjob for TWS 7.0.0

APS ENTERprise announces the availability of VISUALjob for TWS 7.0.0

VISUALjob for TWS 7.0.0 is available immediately and comes with important enhancements:

  • Enhanced TWS 8.6 feature support:
    • Flowcharting of Cross TWS scheduler dependencies (shadow jobs)
    • User defined fields
    • Visualisation of TWS Current Plan job dependencies in the Gantt Chart Workload Analysis
  • Enhanced SQL Server support:
    • Support of Microsoft SQL Server (Express) 2012
    • SQL Server Authentication for statistical databases
    • Simplified administration and creation of SQL Server based statistical databases
  • Windows 8 Support
  • Improved TWS and VISUALjob synchronisation:
    • Consideration of deleted TWS applications
    • New templates for import and synchronisation processes
  • Improved User Guide:
    • New section describing the design and maintenance of TWS definitions in more detail
  • New Flowchart Printing option:
    • Suppress 45 degree-lines that fill up the application cluster
  • Enhanced Web Reporting:
    • Application descriptions are now visible in the overview page

Instructions about how to upgrade from your existing installed version to VISUALjob for TWS 7.0.0 are provided in the Installation Guide.

VISUALjob for TWS 7.0.0, including software and documentation, is available from the APS ENTERprise Downloads area. In case you do not have an access to the download area or in case of any other questions, please contact us.

We recommend upgrading to VISUALjob for TWS 7.0.0 as soon as possible, especially if you are running TWS for z/OS 8.6.

We would also like to remind you about another very significant enhancement: VISUALjobControl, covering JCL and script analysis,  is now part of your VISUALjob for TWS license.

In case of any questions, please contact us.

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