APS Analytics Dashboard 1.2

Meaningful workload automation metrics

within everyone´s reach

APS ENTERprise is pleased to announce the availability of the
APS Analytics Dashboard 1.2.

With VISUALjob for Control-M and VISUALjob for TWS, APS ENTERprise provides unmatched Workload Analytics capabilities for Control-M and TWSz environments. TWSemon also provides unmatched real-time monitoring and SLA tracking.

The APS Analytics Dashboard extends the capabilities of VISUALjob and TWSemon to provide meaningful workload automation statistics and metrics that are now within everyone’s reach.

No subject matter expertise about Control-M or TWS is necessary for users to get the vital reports they need on a daily basis about their deliverables. Current or historical SLA performance metrics are now at your fingertips. The reports were designed to be very easy to use. You can select one of the many predefined report types and follow the wizard which assists you in defining your key criteria. In seconds the APS Analytics Dashboard produces the graphical and textual reports users demand.

Known for deep-dive root cause analysis, APS ENTERprise continues to be a pioneer in defining the Workload Analytics category for Control-M and TWS. Now through the APS Analytics Dashboard we draw on that expertise to deliver high-level management reporting users can use to perform their analysis more effectively.

Please Request a presentation to learn more about the APS Analytics Dashboard.

The APS Analytics Dashboard is compatible with VISUALjob for TWS 8.x, VISUALjob for Control-M 9.x and TWSemon 4.5.

The APS Analytics Dashboard including software and documentation, are available from the Downloads area.

Optimized for business decision support The APS Analytics Dashboard gives you the metrics and statistics about your workload automation environment, so all levels of business and IT user can benefit.