TWSemon 4.5 and APS Analytics Dashboard 1.0

Real-time SLA reporting is more important than ever

for the effective management of

IT automation environments.

TWSemon provides unmatched capabilities to monitor one or multiple TWS for z/OS controllers from a single point of control, in real-time, and was engineered to use the least amount of resources possible. With TWSemon 4.5 and the APS Analytics Dashboard, we now provide:

  • Real-time SLA monitoring and operating for operators and TWS experts:
    • Via the TWSemon ISPF interface


  • Real-time SLA monitoring for Business line managers, Executives, Users and IT analysts:
    • Via the flexible, user friendly APS Analytics Dashboard web interface

APS_Analytics_Dashboard_TWSemon_GroupMilestones_Services_550 Specific achievements include:

  • New Group Milestones SLA management capabilities
  • New ISPF panels showing the Group Milestones (SLA) and the details of the milestone status
  • Real-Time Integration between TWSemon 4.5 and the APS Analytics Dashboard
  • Analytics Dashboards to  allow non-TWS experts to see real-time SLA status information via an intuitive and easy to use web interface.
  • Specific report types for the SLA Overview and SLA Details are available within the APS Analytics Dashboard, but can also be easily tailored to the individual business requirements of an organization or even an individual user.

TWSemon 4.5 supports all currently supported TWS for z/OS versions, including TWS for z/OS 9.2.

A detailed description about additional enhancements of TWSemon 4.5 are documented in the TWSemon installation Guide.

TWSemon 4.5 and the APS Analytics Dashboard including software and documentation, are available from the Downloads area.

We recommend upgrading to TWSemon 4.5 and to take advantage of the new APS Analytics Dashboard, as soon as possible.

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