Leading Outsourcer benefits from APS Manager

Leading Outsourcer improves service delivery to clients by implementing APS Manager for Control-M 

APS Manager for Control-M is a web-based solution for Control-M that allows a leading Outsourcer to more efficiently manage their clients workload automation requirements.

Big name outsourced clients from multiple major industries can now access Control-M (provided by the Outsourcer) securely over the internet to monitor critical jobs from a desktop, tablet or handheld device.

APS Manager for Control-M on an iPad:

The Outsourcer rolled out APS Manager for Control-M quickly and it has proven to be highly secure and reliable. Since individual client installs are no longer necessary, the Outsourcer was able to speed up the process of getting their customers up and running with Control-M, while significantly reducing administrative efforts and costs. Also since APS Manager can work with multiple versions of Control-M, it is much easier to upgrade to a new releases, including Control-M v.8.

New Clients can be added in record time, minimizing setup costs. Multiple clients can be serviced with server-based licenses with no restriction on the number of users or external customers.

The outsourcer is also very satisfied with the fault-tolerance of APS Manager for Control-M, since it can communicate with the individual Control-M server(s), even if the Enterprise Manager is down. They now have added peace of mind in knowing that their SLA’s can be monitored and met under almost any circumstance; increasing the potential availability of workload automation services.

Whether you are a service bureau or an internal service provider, APS Manager benefits Control-M environments by consolidating support efforts and costs, while meeting demanding customer interface and monitoring requirements.

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