apsanalytics dashboard 1.8.4

apsware would like to inform you about the general availability of the

aps analytics dashboard 1.8.4 .

We have enhanced the aps analytics dashboard in two major areas:

Control-M SLA and Job History

Many improvements in the following report types

  • Control-M Critical Path on Demand
  • Control-M Critical Path
  • Control-M SLA (day)
  • Control-M Job Runtime
  • Control-M Start/End Job Runtime
  • Control-M Statistics

Control-M Sysout and Log Management (formally know as aps sysview)

Another exciting development is the transformation of aps sysview for Control-M. aps sysview provides a secure and centralized repository for Control-M sysouts and logs. We have totally redeveloped the user interface of aps sysview and have integrated it into the aps analytics dashboard. Within one integrated browser based interface, you can now combine the Control-M history reports with easy to use sysout and log reports. Along with the new interface comes a new architecture which allows for significant performance improvements. All existing aps sysview customers can convert without any extra cost to the aps analytics dashboard. The following report types will be available with this release:

  • Control-M Critical Path on Demand
  • Control-M Sysout Search
  • Sysout Keyword Search
  • Sysout Keyword Search
  • Control-M Sysout and Log Collection Status Monitor for Administrators

aps analytics dashboard - sysout and log management.PNG

Additional information about the new aps analytics dashboard sysout and log reports will follow soon.

We recommend upgrading to this new version as soon as possible.

The aps analytics dashboard 1.8.4., including software and documentation, is available from the apsware downloads area.

If you do not have access to the download area or if you have any other questions, please contact us.