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With the forecast function, it is possible to simulate which jobs will be executed on a defined date or range of dates.

The integration of the visualjob for Control-M flowchart and forecast function allows further quality assurance assistance. Jobs that are due to run on the selected forecast date are clearly marked in the flowchart, while those that are not due to run are crossed-out in the graphical job flow. Just by looking at the graphic, it is possible to discover inconsistencies.



With the JobForecast, planned executions of an individual job in the current, a past or a future calendar year are made visible.






The ForecastView feature enables you to visualize the job load within definable range of dates. As an additional option, the number of jobs running in parallel can be displayed in a histogram. From this display a subset of entities can be built. The forecasted data in the ForecastView can be exported directly into (.csv) format; which enables you to easily import the data in other software programs (e.g. MS Excel).

The visualjob for Control-M forecast function facilitates the easy and early detection of inconsistencies in job nets. Production problems are avoided and design improvements are made possible.

Determining jobs which are planned for execution for a particular future date provides also a solid foundation for the Workload Simulation. Graphical Workload Simulation is an integrated part of the visualjob for Control-M solution.

More information, including detailed presentations and recorded webcasts, are available from the download area; Get Access.

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