visualjob for Control-M – Flowcharting

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visualjob for Control-M provides the user with an integrated graphical overview of the Control-M job network that is unmatched. Complex relationships between jobs are presented in an easy and understandable visualization, not only reducing the time it takes to understand the existing environment, but also pinpointing potential problems and avoiding downtime. All Control-M for z/OS and Distributed Systems parameters are supported.

Condition types like Default, Static, NotOK, Maybe, Or, Condition Code, Do Force, Inverted, OnSysout are clearly color coded in the graphical view of the job nets.

The interface is completely customizable including the color assigned to specific link types, perspective of the job flow, scope of the job flow and more.

Using graphical clustering, the assignment of jobs to groups, applications, tables and systems remains clear at all times. External dependencies from the selected view can be expanded and stepped through. Elements like Do Force Jobs and Group Scheduling are also supported in the graphic view.

Powerful filtering, forecasting and enhanced path searching criteria can be used to customize and narrow the focus of information contained in the flowchart. Filtering can be performed explicitly or generically based on any combination of Control-M fields.

Flowcharts can be exported in standard image formats and printed.

More information, including detailed presentations and recorded webcasts, are available from the download area; Get Access.

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