apsware omniview for Automic 8.0

apsware omniview for Automic

Automated documentation and detailed understanding of Automic (UC4)

apsware omniview

Automated documentation

Up-to-date. Always.

Consistent. Combination of graphics and text – standardized and easy to understand.

Complete and correct. No manual interaction – nothing is forgotten.

Ad-hoc. Whenever needed, for definitions and activities.

Event-based. In the event of changes or errors.

Scheduled. Daily, weekly, monthly – according to your audit specifications.

for experts

Creating documentation no longer takes time

for departments

Quick familiarization with complex processes

for projects

Solid foundation for communication in the team

for operators

Complete documentation of occurring errors at the touch of a button

Detailed understanding of Automic (UC4)

Visualization. Flowcharts, Gantt charts – the perfect visualization for every situation.

Complete. Display of hierarchies, external dependencies and hidden dependencies coded in scripts.

Definitions and activities. From the definition to the activity to the history – all information is available.

Online & Offline. Definitions can be retrieved online from Automic or offline from XML export files.

UC4 V6 – Automic V24. Data compatibility – All versions are supported.

for experts

Analysis and complete understanding of dependencies and complex structures

for departments

Easy access to relevant workflow information for definitions and activities

for projects

Sharing knowledge about current workflows and the impact of changes

for operators

Simpler overview and optimized response options in the event of a problem

apsware omniview for Automic

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