VISUALjob for TWS – Creating Images and Printing

Any VISUALjob for TWS graphical view, a job net flowchart, a ForecastView or a Gantt chart, can be exported to one of several image formats, printed, saved as a PDF or imported into Microsoft Office VISIO.

When printing to a printer or plotter, users have the option of scaling the image or specifying the layout of the pages in width and height. You can print to any size of paper, on any Windows-compatible printer, plotter or PDF writer.


VISUALjob for TWS supports exporting to the following formats: PNG, GIF, JPG/JPEG, TIFF, BMP, WMF, EMF and EMF+.

You would like to avoid painting TWS flowcharts with Micorosoft Office VISIO? The EMF format generated by VISUALjob for TWS can easily be imported to Microsoft Office VISIO.

The ability to print and create images of the TWS job flows and Gantt charts facilitates communications between production control staff and other departments.

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