VISUALjob for TWS – Cross Reference Reporting

Virtually any combination of fields within TWS (z/OS and End to End) can be used as search and reporting criteria. The output of VISUALjob reports can be in a user-designed spreadsheet and/or in a graphical flowchart. Textual output can be exported to Microsoft Office Excel and the graphical output can be exported to several image formats for documentation, posting on an inter-/intranet site or delivery to a requestor. Templates for the report criteria and report layouts can be created and shared, facilitating the quick re-generation of reports referencing the then current data. Key strength of VISUALjob for TWS is that results generated with the Cross Reference Reporting can be further qualified with – for example – the integrated VISUALjob for TWS forecast function. With this, questions like “Which jobs meet specific criteria and are planned for execution for next Sunday?,” are easily answered.

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