The Integrated Development Environment for TWS, JCLs and scripts

The Challenge

The lack of professional development environments for designing and maintaining workload automation definitions for TWS for z/OS, results in inefficiencies and high cost within many large organizations.

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The Solution

VISUALjob EPD (Enterprise Production Development) is the one integrated and modern development environment for designing and maintaining all batch related components for TWS for z/OS environments, including:

  • TWS for z/OS scheduling definition generation
  • JCL generation
  • Script generation
  • Information how these elements should be propagated to their target environments.

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The Benefits

With VISUALjob EPD, organizations finally can apply modern software engineering principles and processes to the development and propagation of batch processes resulting in:

  • Significant quality and productivity improvements
  • High flexibility to react to new demands
  • Higher staff flexibility
  • Improved knowledge and communication
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Significant cost reductions

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