APS Sysview for Control-M 2.0.9

APS ENTERprise announces the availability of APS Sysview for Control-M 2.0.9.

APS Sysview for Control-M 2.0.9 is available immediately and comes with many important enhancements:

  • Performance has been optimized when retrieving Sysouts from the longterm archive
  • New Metadata collection process provides a 30% reduction in network traffic
  • New Sysout collection exceptions allow read job name exceptions from a file
  • New Options to define Sysout retention right down to the individual job name
  • New Option to provide a daily email status report to Administrators with detailing active datacenters and the volume of data collected during the last 24 hour period

APS Sysview for Control-M 2.0.9, including software, documentation and detailed release notes, is available from the APS|ENTERprise Downloads area.

We recommend upgrading to APS Sysview for Control-M 2.0.9 as soon as possible in order to take advantage of the improvements.

The Installation Guide contains a detailed description how to upgrade from APS Sysview for Control-M 2.0.8 to APS Sysview for Control-M 2.0.9. If you are running pre-2.0.8 release and you would like to upgrade to APS Sysview for Control-M 2.0.9, please contact the APS|ENTERprise Customer Support.

Best Regards

APS ENTERprise Customer Support

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